Preview of the first update of Knights

The first update of Knights will be released on December, the 6th. This update introduces two new environments, and the weather system than can change all your experience in this game.

The weather can be rainy, snowy, or sunny; the rain will slow down your knight, the snow will freeze them, whereas the sun will burn them.

This update has also big changes and adjustments (the Lancer is stronger, levels are smaller, etc.)

Update details:


New features:
• some new levels, including new enemies and new items
• weather system
• a gift code system (cause i love you)


• added loading screen
• the lancer is stronger
• some enemies are closer to each other, reducing the levels size
• better iOS icon
• new alert box
• when a knight evolve, he's healed
• snakes in caves are more visible
• collected items are now displayed in the top-left corner of the screen
• performances optimizations

Bug fixes:
• items deletion on campfire fixed (only on iOS)
• Facebook share and invite boxes sizes fixed
• added support for x96 and x144 icons on Android
• textures tweaks on campfire's backgrounds fixed
• some mistakes in English and in French are fixed
• impossibility to go back to another level fixed