Celerity, season #2

Hello fellows! It's been a long time that I am working on a second version of Celerity based on comments from the users. This second version will be also available for iOS.

This new version will be called "Season 2", because all the modes will be changed; it will be not fair for the players who has played to the first version to be blended with the new users.

New features

• Availability for iOS with the Game Center
• Adding some traps (blades, lasers and blackholes)

New enemies

• The Bouncy: this enemy will bouncy against the borders of the playground
• The Smarty: it will try to avoid your shots

New items

• Weapon: add a new shot line to your ship
• Fragment bomb: it's like the bomb, but it throws shots

New modes

• Butcher: you'll have four moving blades
• Hell: a mode harder than Herioc


• Add new enemies, new items and some traps to the current modes
• New ships
• Graphics optimizations and new particles system
• New graphics for backgrounds