Celerity's dev diary #4: let's finish it!

This week, it's time to finish the first version of Celerity: adventure. I worked on the new website, and on the in-app purshases.

New website

The new website will present Celerity: Arcade and Celerity: Adventure on the same page. You can load every leaderboard on Arcade, and every world on Adventure. Between these two blocks, you cn see a focus on a random player with all his stats.

Celerity: Together will be also on this page to discover the levels created by the others players.

In-App purshases

Celerity: adventure is free. You can play as long as you have lifes. But if you want more, you can buy it. You can also buy new points, or an emblem to improve you spaceship.

Here's the prices you can find on the game:

1 life 0,50 €
2 lifes 0,90 €
3 lifes 1,20 €
1000 points 0,50 €
10000 points 2,90 €
50000 points 8,90 €
Emblem 2,90 €