Celerity's dev diary #3: new objectives and shaders

Hello everyone! This week is very special, because I think the game is really near to its final version. Let's see what apprend!

Map update

The map was updated to display more graphics in the background. As you can see, there is some place for another level. This is a little surprise that I am working on, for the next week.

Two new ways to play

This week, I worked on two new objectives. First, you have to stay into a small circeled area during 10 secondes while enemies are comming to you (you can see it on the screenshot herebefore). The second objective is to find a certain number of gems in a big playground. Their position are random, so you have to look for them all the time!

Play Games and Game Center

Just like arcade, Celerity: adventure has a connection with Google Play Game and the Apple Game Center. The versions used of theses two services are the latest (and Celerity: arcade will be updated to use it too).

Give your spaceships some colors

The Games services enables me to create players' profiles on the game. Each player using theses services can personnalize their spaceship, applying it a "shader". Each shader is a color sheme with one, two, or three colors and it is rewarded by two manners :

  • by defeating a boss
  • with a special feature that I will write about next week ;)

What about Celerity: arcade?

Celerity: arcade will be also updated with the last graphics engine, games services, and game mechanics (shaders, etc.) in august (release date TBD)