Celerity's dev diary #2: shields and freedom

Last week, I presented you the map of Celerity: adventure and how the game allows you to improve your spaceship. This week I worked on a new objective, and a new feature that will turn in threat a simple enemy.

New objective: free'm'all!

In this new objective, you have to make free some friends by shooting on their cage. Each cage has some lifes, and you need to shoot them several times to make your friends free.

Shields on enemies

As you can see on the screenshot, the enemies can now have a shield to protect them. You have to shot them twice to kill them. This feature is a requirement to ensure that the game will be enough challenging. Without challenge, there is no game ;)

How to test the beta version?

I allow some people to test Celerity: adventure on Android as long as they are part of our Google Group. You can apply to this group here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/chocogames