Celerity's dev diary #1: the map

Hello everyone! Last week, I announced Celerity: adventure. Today, let me introduce you a new way to discover my upcoming game: the dev diary! Each week, I will write about the new developed features. And today, it's about the map.

What is this map?

The map in Celerity: adventure is the first thing you'll see. It allows you to choose a level and improve your spaceship.

Choosing a level

As you can see, the map displays some information about the selected level, like the rating and the objective type.

In Celerity: adventure, you have many objectives types. For example, you have to do frags, a targeted score or eliminate a boss.

Spaceship improvements

When you have finished a level in Celerity: Adventure, the game rewards you with some points. You can also have an Emblem when you terminate a boss. With these two items, you can improve your spaceship.

You can improve your speed, resistance, the number of weapons and the speed rate of your weapons. Each improvement will change your spaceship.

As you can see on these two lasts screenshots, icons have different colors. Each color represents the rarety of the element :
- blue is pretty common
- green is unusual
- red is rare
- purple is really hard to have
- yellow means that you can have this item only once

Next week

The next week, I will speak about some new objectives I developed. Don't forget, Celerity: Adventure will be released on July, the 29th!

See you!