Celerity out now on Android!

Celerity is a pure arcade game composed of height modes. Every mode is different and has its own leaderboard and achievements. You have two free modes and six paid modes.

Display yourself

The app comes with a website : celerity.chocogames.be. In this website, you can see publics leaderboards and a summary of your performances. Moreover, you can see the leaderboard of the month, with the best players. Will you be the champion of the month?

About the cheaters

Hey cheaters, I have a special surprise for you. Just try, and you'll see something on the website. A clue: this is not a reward.

More rewards to come

During your games sessions, you'll get some rewards for you. I cannot tell you what it is all about, you'll se by yourself.

Do you have some issues to report?

I am always happy to listen all comments on the game to improve it. You can submit all your issues (bugs, improvements, and ideas) on bugs.chocogames.be.