Announcing Celerity

Celerity is a pure scoring game on Android where you control a spaceship with two virtual sticks and shoot everything on the screen. This game is fully integrated with Google Games and provides you achievements and leaderboards.

What's inside?

Celerity contains eight different modes:
• Crescendo: in this mode, your enemies will become stronger and stronger.
• Minesweeper: you cannot shoot. Your only way to destroy your enemies is by reaching bombs.
• Zones: you can shoot only in a small area available for ten seconds. Then, this area appears somewhere on the playground.
• Prey: you cannot move, however the enemies come to you.
• Alternate: every 5 seconds, you cannot move or you cannot shoot.
• Heroic: there are many enemies, but you also have some bombs.
• Race: in this mode, you have a huge playground with items that increase your speed. The faster you are, the higher your score will be!
• Timed: you have 60 seconds to earn the maximum of points. You can also have extra 5 seconds by reaching items.

Celerity has also a special mode called "Mode of the Month", that is changing every month with a different leaderboard. Every month, the player who owns the highest score is the Champion of the Month.

Release date

Celerity is planned for January, the 17th.